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Baby køn forudsigelse linea nigra

baby køn forudsigelse linea nigra

When you're expecting it becomes the linea nigra (Latin for black line) as skin all over your body becomes hyperpigmented (you might also notice the skin on your face darkening too that's known as chloasma, the mask of pregnancy ).
While there is no harm playing the guessing game, we all should remember that there is a 50 chance of having a boy, and an equal chance of having a girl.Even if you are not pregnant and just check out your belly closely you will notice the line.Vitamin E gel caps are easily available at any drug store.Can A Linea Nigra Predict The Gender Of The Baby?However, if your Linea Nigra is heading north.g.Linea Nigra is a Latin term which quite literally means black line.If it extends from your navel downwards towards your pubic bone then youre more likely to registrerede sexforbrydere 33626 have a girl.One theory is that melanocyte-stimulating hormone mand søger kvinde hamm created by the placenta is the main contributing factor. .But it can also run vertically from the umbilicus up to almost level with the ribcage and occasionally, up between the breasts.This hormone is also believe to cause the darkening around the nipples.Moles, birthmarks and freckles often appear darker as well.You may not notice the linea nigra if you have very fair and pale skin.Most women find that it settles and becomes progressively less obvious within the first few months of their babys birth.Spending too much time working on your tan can intensify skin discoloration during pregnancy so use sunblock (at least SPF 15 or keep your belly under wraps.
But it is just one of the many minor issues which arise during pregnancy and for most women, resolve after their baby is born.
You can rub the gel on your belly.

The line running through the belly button to the abdominal area is called as Linea alba, and you would have probably noticed.Mayo Clinic complete book of pregnancy babys first year.It is a sign that your body is adapting to the pregnancy process well and also that your hormones are working how they should.If your parents have dark skin and your genetic inheritance is to tan rather than burn, then again, you are more likely to develop Linea Nigra.What Your Linea Nigra is Telling You.Sit tight after your baby is born, the line should gradually fade all on its own.Linea Nigra is considered wholly cosmetic and the only negative issue of having Linea Nigra is that some women consider it to be unsightly.If you have dark or olive skin then you are more likely to experience.
The darkening of the line is through the same process as the darkening of clitoris and areolas.
Although it can show earlier, this pregnancy line typically shows up around the 5th month of pregnancy.


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